Changing which card types and brands are accepted by the Paytia payment service

Changing which card types and brands are accepted by the Paytia payment service

Controlling card brand and card type acceptance

Paytia has created a licenced service allowing a Paytia account administrator to decide which card types and card brands are accepted by their business.

Card brands - this is the financial organisation that the card is linked to i.e. VISA, Mastercard, American Express
Card type - this is the banking type - credit or debit

The service requires a license call Manage card rules in order for the feature to be available to use in the Paytia administration portal.

The new license delivers two functions - 

1. Turn on/off the acceptance of card by brand i.e. American Express off, VISA on

2. Add a dropdown control in Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal allowing the agent to pick a card type accepted for the payment 

How does the service work?

When Paytia captures a payment card from the customer in a telephone transaction the first 6 to 8 digits of the card are extracted and Paytia performs a lookup match to a table of card account number prefixes called a BIN database.
The BIN lookup allows Paytia to find information about the card such as Card brand, Card type, Card PAN (the long number on the front of the card) length, issued country etc.

Paytia compares that information to the rules setup on your account and makes a decision to accept or reject that card type.

Feature 1

Choose the card kinds that your company wants to prohibit. All card brands are accepted by default. But, you can select which credit card brands Paytia should refuse to process transactions for.

Head over to the Settings menu and click on the Manage card sub-menu to load the Manage card settings.

You will now be on the Card brand tab.

From here you can use the Action sliders to de-activate any card brand you want rejected during payment processing. Your customer will be informed that card type is not supported and they will be able to try again.

Feature 2

Once more, you may access the settings view by clicking on the Card type settings tab from the Manage card settings page.

This service allows the Administrator to set the name of the dropdown field that will appear in the Secure Virtual Terminal (SVT) user interface information capture screen.

Administrators can use their own business wording to associate the accepted card type with written name their staff understand.

In this example we restrict payment by credit card for RENT PAYMENTS, but allow credit and debit card payments for SERVICES.

Administrators are able to set the following - 
1. Name the wording of the drop-down field so it has the correct business context
2. Add wording for each drop-down item staff will select
3. Map the dropdown word to allow CREDIT only, DEBIT only or CREDIT and DEBIT cards to be accepted when that dropdown item is chosen

How does this look to the Secure Virtual terminal user?

Users will see the new drop down option in their Secure Virtual Terminal form.

All the user has to do is select the pre-created word relevant to the payment they are processing and Paytia will apply the correct card processing rule.

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