How do I add additional SIP numbers?

How do I add additional SIP numbers?

This article will show you how do add additional SIP numbers to your Paytia account.

Adding more numbers

When you have SIP calling services enabled on your Paytia account it will unlock additional features under the Payment line menu option. 


If you want to add additional numbers to an account you can click the Add more number button.


Now you will see;


Click the word Add number to show the add number setting.


Pick the country pre-fix and type in the telephone number you want manually added (Excluding the lead zero to maintain e.164 numbering format).

Click the Add button to save the entry.

You will be able to see a new section (>Configure telephony>Configure your secure-payment linededicated to listing numbers Paytia trusts you to be calling from outbound or receiving calls for inbound.

List of additional numbers


You can use this setting to control what telephone number Paytia will call next. For SIP services we suggest setting both numbers to the telephone system phone number you wish to be routed. This way Paytia will send your calls on and will retain the telephone number presentation.

Buy more numbers

If you want to purchase additional direct dial telephone numbers from Paytia you can do that by clicking the Buy more numbers button.


Buy more numbers will open the Paytia available number list. (Note: that this is a lookup service, so if an area code or number type is unavailable, you can ask to organise numbers that match your requirement).


Now filter to find a number you like then tick the box next to the number to secure one or more additional telephone numbers.

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