How do I capture a card?

How do I capture a card?

This article will show you how to capture a card whilst using Paytia's Secure Virtual Terminal.

In the Secure Virtual Terminal the user would see a dropdown for payment type and all the available payment types they have been granted access to.


Complete your customer and transaction details as required and then click Submit Payment Request


Follow the on-screen instructions to assist you.

SVT transaction step 1


Step 1. Dial 7-2-9 on your phone keypad to start secure-payment mode.

Step 2. The Paytia Voice Assistant will then guide you and your customer separately through the payment process, while ensuring you do not hear any card details.

Note: On Inbound calls we will also ask you to enter your secure user ID which will be displayed on the screen.

SVT Inbound - transaction page steps


As soon as you have entered your user security ID your customer will have the payment amount or transaction type read out to them. Your customer will follow a set of audio instructions to complete the payment stages for payment card capture.

As the customer submits their card data, you can track progress on your screen a digit at a time.


The Paytia Voice Assistant will let you know if the capture was successful or not, and you will see any corresponding messages from your payment-service provider on your screen.

If the capture fails you will see the reason why it was unsuccessful, allowing you to then follow up with the customer on the call.

SVT PSP outcomes

Once completed you can either go to the homepage or you can take another capture or payment with the same customer by clicking Take additional Payment (If on the same telephone call).

Use the Take Payment menu item to start a brand-new payment.

SVT take payment menu item


Finding the card capture

Once you have captured a customers card you will need to login with your Stripe account details, once logged in you will see the home page. 


From here navigate to the Customers sub heading in the top left of the screen


Once you have found the Customers page you will see all the various customers which your Stripe account has been associated with, from here find the customer that you were using to capture their card on Paytia's platform.

For this example we were capturing Callum Capture's card.

Click on the customers name and it will bring you to a new page detailing the customers payment methods, pending invoice items, recent activity and so on.


Invoicing a customer through Stripe

As you are on this page you can create invoices/subscriptions for the specific customer, this could be for various reasons such as a missed payment invoice, late charge, or an annual subscription.

To create an invoice, click create on the right and side of invoices.

Once on the page click the mouse into the search bar below Items, here it will show an items details you are about to create in which an invoice can be created for your customer.

Enter the details of what the invoice incurs, the quantity and the amount due.


Once saved you will be able to see the invoice preview generated;


You can send the payment either two ways; send it as an invoice with a certain due date in which you select i.e. 30 days, or you send an automatic charge to the card which you have captured previously.


Now you have chosen the payment method and ready to finalise the invoice click on the top right of the page where it says Review invoice.

From there a splash page will pop up in the middle of the screen, you can add an internal note if need be, review your invoice beforehand and to charge the customer, just click the bottom right where its says Charge customer.

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