How do I configure my AutoPay IVR?

How do I configure my AutoPay IVR?

Getting started with AutoPay IVR

This article outlines AutoPay IVR functions and how to configure them.

It covers the following:


Initial configuration

When you first sign up to use the AutoPay IVR, you will have been set up with a default configuration. This can be changed or augmented via the admin console.



Admin console orientation

When you login to the AutoPay IVR as an administrator you will see the following screen.

The left-hand menu enables you to add to or change your configuration of:

  • The payment accounts and gateways that you use to receive payments from customers
  • The telephone numbers you use to enable the service, and how calls are presented to  your customers
  • The information you collect when customers make a payment
  • Reports and alerts
  • Review and manage your Paytia service subscriptions

The main window of the admin console tells you the package or version of AutoPay IVR that you're using and a summary of payment and call activity..

The rest of this article will dive into each of the sections listed in the menu.

Managing payments

During the set up wizard you will have been asked to connect to your account with your payment service provider or bank. Here you can:

  • Add more accounts
  • Rename the displayed name for your account(s) — for example: "Main business account"
  • Add additional payment service providers and accounts 

    If you wish to enquire about adding additional payment gateways and accounts, please email at


Configuring telephony

Changing your secure-payment phone number

Here you can see the dedicated payment IVR number you chose during setup. This is the telephone number that will play your Paytia payment IVR when called by your customers.

Configuring call presentation

Here you  can change the language and gender of the Paytia Voice Assistant that guides your users and customers through the card-submission process when making a payment.


IVR payment configuration 

By selecting Automated IVR under Configure telephony, you can select what information you wish to collect to reference the payment, and also set the transaction amount to a predefined amount.


Reports and alerts

Download payment history

Select Payment history  under Reports and alerts on the admin menu.

Use the payment-type — all, success, failed, pending — and date-range filters to return corresponding transaction details.

Amend what fields are shown on your report using Column visibility.

Export results to Excel using the Export button.

Download call history

Call history can be searched and downloaded in a similar way to transactions.


Managing subscriptions and billing

Under Subscriptions and billing  you can:

  • Upgrade your purchased package to an alternative edition of AutoPay IVR
  • Download invoices for your subscriptions and any add-on licenses you have purchased — e.g. for additional users or call minutes
  • Stop subscriptions
  • Update your payment-card details
  • Delete your Paytia account

Upgrade your package

Go to Upgrade package and select your preferred upgrade option


Download invoices, stop subscriptions and update payment-card details

Select either Manage subscriptions or Invoices under Subscriptions and billing, and the following page will open.

Select the relevant action buttons on the page.


Note that for invoices pertaining to add-on licenses, click on the table tab, Add-on Licenses.


Editing your profile

If you wish to edit your contact details or update your password, simply click on the bottom option, My Profile, at the foot of the admin menu.

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