How do I configure Paytia with Zoom?

How do I configure Paytia with Zoom?

How to get up and running using Paytia with Zoom


  1. Register with Paytia
  2. Connecting your payment provider to Paytia
  3. Configuring your Secure Virtual Terminal


Register with Paytia

When you buy Paytia for Zoom, a sign-up page will be displayed. Name, company name, email, and password must be entered.

After that, you will have to complete a two-step setup process that entails linking your payment gateway and registering your payment card information.

Connecting your payment provider to Paytia


Follow the steps outlined on the page. 
The method for connecting your payment gateway/provider to your Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal will differ depending on the provider.

You will be prompted to sign in to your payment gateway, which will then connect to Paytia.

Once your payment gateway and Paytia have been connected, you will proceed to the package details, where you will confirm the package you have chosen as well as your card information.

Click Access administration console to manage payment gateway settings and add Paytia features, or Click to open Zoom desktop to access your Zoom app and start accepting payments through Zoom Meetings.

Configuring your Secure Virtual Terminal

Your Secure Virtual Terminal is packed full of customizable features.

Read this article for more information on how to change your setup, customize your agent payment screen instructions, and many other features.

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