How do I make an agent call-return?

How do I make an agent call-return?

This article will show you have to make an "agent call-return" for an user

This article outlines call return functions and how to configure them.

It covers the following:

What is agent call-return?

Agent call-return is the process whereby a user transfers a customer call to the Paytia Platform, which then automatically calls back the user. The customer, Paytia and the user are now in the same call path, enabling the Paytia secure-payment service to be initiated.

This is explained in the diagrams below.


Agent call-return utilises "blind-transfer" functionality that exists on most PBXs. i.e. where the agent making the transfer is dropped from the call as soon as the receiving party — the Paytia Platform in this case — answers the call.

The return call from Paytia can be the agent or, say, a group number that the merchant defines.

Note: each agent using the service must be assigned their own dedicated Paytia number


Purchasing additional Paytia phone numbers

Paytia provides a license on some packages allowing our customers to purchase more than one Paytia phone number for their account.

If the "Buy more numbers" licence is active on your account you will see a button with the same name at the top of Configure telephony > payment line page.

Once the page is loaded you will see a button allowing you to click to Buy more numbers.


When the page loads you will see;


You can now search for available numbers by area code in your operating country. Paytia allows you to buy multiple numbers to add to your account.


Once you are finished click the Click here to continue button


You will now find your chosen numbers listed at the bottom of the 

  • Configure telephony >  Configure your secure-payment line menu

Each telephone number can be put on call forward delivery to a telephone number of your choice. This could be a business or mobile telephone number.

Assigning the additional number to users

  1. To assign a user with the additional number go top the Configure telephony menu, then the Payment-line sub-menu.
  2. Find the number to which you want to assign a user.
  3. On the left, under the Type column, change the drop-down to Users.
  4. You can then assign the user number to which you want Paytia to return the call.
  5. Then confirm which specific user you wish to assign to the same number.
  6. Note that once this is set up, you can edit the number associations here or in the user-admin area.

Things to consider

Although agent call return allows you to bring Paytia into a phone call at the point of payment it also brings up some technical design considerations for the telephone system transferring calls to Paytia.

  1. How do you stop calls from being distributed to the agent when the transferred call is released from the agent's phone?
  2. How will you ensure the call leg out to Paytia is not recorded (it will have the cardholder and their credit card data on the call)?
  3. How will Paytia get a call back to the agent? - Paytia needs to store a direct dial number for the agent to be able to call them back.
  4. Will the call path be completed over PSTN or SIP?

Paytia can assist with telephony design so please ask us any questions at 

We can find you the best solution.

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