How do I set up Paytia to work with BT One Phone?

How do I set up Paytia to work with BT One Phone?

This article explains the options available to set up Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal to work in conjunction with the small-business phone service, BT One Phone

In order to protect your customers and your business during the payment process, your call with your customer must be connected through the Paytia service.

There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. In-call transfer
  2. Always-on

1. In-call transfer

This approach enables you to connect Paytia only when you need it, by using BT One Phone's call-transfer functionality. This is explained in the BT One Phone help guide. Read the section titled: "Transferring a call (with or without talking to the person you're transferring to first)"

In-call transfer works as shown in the following images:

Step 1

You converse with your customer as normal.

Step 2

When you want to take a payment, connect Paytia into your call by performing a blind transfer, as follows:

  1. Press # # ✴
  2. Dial the Paytia secure payment line you selected when you set up your Paytia service,
  3. Press #
  4. Hang up.

This is explained in the BT One Phone help guide.

Tip: Save your Paytia-supplied secure-payment phone number to speed dial


Step 3

You can now initiate the payment process at any time by dialing 7-2-9

2. Always-on

In this configuration, all of your calls flow through Paytia, enabling any member of staff to take payments — subject to having sufficient user licenses.

Then, either:

  1. Publish your Paytia number to your customers, or
  2. Ask BT to forward your existing published number to your new Paytia number.

Note that your phone number to which Paytia connects must be different to the forwarding number, otherwise calls cannot be connected. e.g.

  • Your published number= 01234 5678,
  • Calls to this number are forwarded by BT to your Paytia number which you select as part of your set up
  • Calls to 01234 5678 are then forwarded by Paytia to your office or agent. The destination number must be a number other than 01234 5678. If not then you have a loop and the call cannot be connected.