How do I sign up for Keyphone?

How do I sign up for Keyphone?

How users of Keyphone sign up for a new account

1) Enter a first name, last name, email address and password. (The password must be a combination of lowercase characters, uppercase characters, special characters and numbers)


2) Click the link in the email (If the email doesn't arrive straight away please give it a few minutes and then check your spam inbox. If you have persistent trouble please contact


3) Click Get started


4) Integrate your existing Stripe account. If you don't have a Stripe account yet don't worry, as we are a Stripe Verified Partner you can sign up for a Stripe account within the Keyphone sign-up process.


5) Select the currency you would like to process payments in.


6) Choose your new secure payment telephone number, this is the number your customers will call you on to make a payment. You can search by area code digits or by the city name. 


7) Enter in a telephone number which you own, this can be landline or a mobile. When your customers call the telephone number you selected in step 6, the call will be forwarded to the number you enter here.


8)  At the top of the service billing page you will be able to enter a coupon code if you have one. Please check the invoice is correct and then enter in the card details for the monthly subscription. You can cancel at anytime.


That's it, you are good to go taking secure telephone payments with Keyphone by Paytia. If you haven't already click the button below to get started


Get Started


If you have any issues during the sign up process please contact or visit our knowledge base at

Why not ask a friend to call you to test the service first, you simply press 7-2-9 having picked up the call and follow the prompts.

Your friend can enter a real card to take a live payment of a small amount (Minimum £1) or use random numbers just so you can practice using the service.

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