How do I use Payment links to create a payment?

How do I use Payment links to create a payment?


To use Paytia to take payments you must be logged in.

Beginning a payment

From here you should see the merchant portal, click the Payment links category on the left-hand side of the page.

At the bottom of the Payment links page you can choose whether to send a payment using a link or QR code to your customers.



The merchant can use the Paytia platform in single user mode to create the Payment links request for their customer.


Once the transaction details and the cardholders address are entered you can create the link or QR code by clicking on Submit Payment Request at the bottom right of the page.


The user can preview the Payment links request prior to sending to confirm it is correct.


Managing Payment links payments

The user can also view the Payment link request and resend it if required.

Whilst back on merchant portal find the Reports and alerts category on the left-hand side, you will see another sub-category named Payment links report, click this and you'll see the payment history of all the Payment links you have sent out to your customers.


The user can see the status updates for links opened and payments pending/completed on this page also.


There are variable settings you can adjust for Payment links located in the merchant portal. To find these settings look for the Settings category on the left-hand side, you will see another sub-category named Feature settings.

Under this page there are two settings which can be changed to your businesses liking.


Payment links - Time of link validity

This setting gives you the choice of how long you wish the Payment link being sent out is valid for. Once the time has expired, the customer will not be able to use the link.


Payment links - Default format of links

This setting will change what the default format you wish Payment links will be sent as. You have the choice of either a payment link (hyperlink) or a QR code.

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