Edit and navigate through payment-line

This article outlines the Payment-line category and how to configure.

It covers the following:

Editing your payment-line

Here you can change the number to which Paytia connects incoming customer calls, and your primary number from which you will be calling customers.

My new secure-payment number

This is your new chosen Paytia secure payment telephone number. 

Where we send incoming calls

Calls made to your My new secure-payment number will go to the telephone number you enter here - Where we send customer incoming calls

The number from which you call customers

Calls made to your My new secure-payment number that match the number you have entered in the The number from which you call customers section will enable the Paytia outbound calling mode.

This will mean when you call out to your My new secure-payment number from your own telephone number you will be asked to enter the telephone number you want Paytia to call for you (keyphone) or you will be asked to enter your User ID code and Paytia will auto-dial the telephone number you saved in the Secure Virtual Terminal.


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