Third-party webhook logs

Third-party webhook logs

What does the third-party webhook log show me?

The Third-party webhook log shows all the data reviewed from a third-party system into the Paytia platform filtered by the X-PAYTIA-API key the data was sent with. The X-PAYTIA-API is unique to each Paytia account.

You would use this view to see the contents of the API post into Paytia. You can check Paytia received your data post and that the information looked correctly formatted. You will be able to also see the API response the Paytia service issued back to your platform with the HTTP confirmation code that confirms if your platform accepted the response post.

This is a great report for checking if Paytia is able to post data to your platform.

Menu access

The Third-party webhook sub-menu is accessed from the Log information (an additional licence feature) menu

When the page loads you will see a table view of the webhook data showing the following columns.

Column values

Column headerDetails of what each column shows
SR NO.The row number
DATE/TIMEThe date and time the webhook was received or sent (from Paytia)
URIThe API endpoint URI that the post came into Paytia on
REQUESTThe contents of the POST sent or received
API KEYThe Paytia unique API Key the POST is associated with
IP ADDRESSThe IP address the post came to or was associated with
RESPONSEThe response data Paytia posted back

Filter report data

Date Range

Use this filter to set the time span you wish to show report data for. This allows you to focus on the results you are looking to find when troubleshooting.

To select one-day double click the day twice then click the Apply button to proceed.

Once set click the Submit button.


Use the Search box to add additional filtering by alphanumeric keywords or values.

Once you have typed the value click the Search button.

Show rows 

Use the row count selector to show between 10 and 100 records on the page view.


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