Webhook request button

Webhook request button

What does the Webhook request button show me?

Webhook request button

 The Webhook Request button will show you all the webhooks associated with the call that has been made/received. The webhooks are shown in the order that the Paytia platform has sent them back to your business. Webhook URL's are specified in the API post Paytia receives from your system.

The Webhook request view is part of the Paytia Advanced Log licence. This licence gives you access to Call records 

The Call records sub-menu allows you to select the Webhook request button from the action column of the Call records report

Once clicked you will see all the Webhook data Paytia sent externally to your business system during the transaction process

Webhook request

 The Webhook Request button will show you all the webhooks in order that the Paytia platform has sent back to your business. Webhook URL's are specified in the API post Paytia receives from your system.

Column data

Column headerDetails of what each column shows
#The row number
WEBHOOK RESPONSEThe data sent in the webhook response to your system
HTTP CODEThe HTTP code that was generated by the post of the data. We expect a 200 OK to signify everything has worked correctly
DESCRIPTIONA description of the HTTP code generated
STATUSThe post status. Was it a success meaning your system received it and acknowledged or fail where we were unable to get data to your system or your system failed to correctly acknowledge receipt of the data

Example data view

Expanded view

Filtering data

Show entries

You can use the Show entries dropdown to load more rows into the view. This allows you to see more information on one screen without needing to move to a next page view.


Allows you to look for specific alpha numeric information or keywords to narrow your search inside the log view.

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