What are the alternative phone-routing options for using Paytia with Aircall?

What are the alternative phone-routing options for using Paytia with Aircall?

Customer call-routing options for inbound calls

Option 1: Inline — all incoming calls routed through Paytia


Calls are routed to and from Paytia over standard telephony using a unique ‘secure-payment’ phone number provided by Paytia

Select your new secure-payment number during setup, decide on which Aircall number you want to receive payment calls and go!

Want to keep your existing published number?

Contact Aircall support and instruct them to divert your existing number (DDI) to the new Paytia-supplied number.

Option 2: via Aircall IVR

It is possible to configure your existing business telephone number on Aircall to relay calls through the Paytia service. This process works with the following call-routing logic.

  1. Your aircall telephone number customers call is answered by an Aircall IVR plan. This means customers hear a list of key-press options to reach a department in your business.
  2. The key-press option you want to secure with the paytia payment service will be set to call the Paytia secure payment number you were assigned in the Paytia account setup.
  3. On Paytia you configure your Paytia account to send your payment calls back to the requisite team or department.

Here are the relevant settings to change in your aircall console.






In your Paytia admin console, under the "Configure telephony > Payment line" menu you can set the telephone number for your aircall agent group in the “Where we send customer incoming calls” option.


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