What's included in call bundles?

What's included in call bundles?

When you purchase a Paytia real-time solution such as Secure Virtual Terminal, your subscription comes with a set amount of calling minutes. This article explains what is included and excluded in your call minutes.

Paytia's real-time payment solutions enable you to take payments over the phone.

Calls are connected to the Paytia Platform using the public phone network (PSTN) or "SIP". Where PSTN is used, call charges are incurred. However, to keep things simple, we include a ''bundle' of minutes as part of your subscription, which covers you for both incoming and outgoing calls.

If you phone customers — i.e. make outgoing calls — then we assume these calls will be to destinations that incur standard in-country charges for landline and mobiles.

Calls to non-standard numbers, for example international destinations, may be treated as 'out-of-bundle' and you will be charged for them separately at the end of the month.

As a rule we block calls to certain high-charge or premium numbers to protect you and us from service abuse.

If you do plan to make international calls or call customers that are, for some reason, using non-standard numbers, tell us when you set up your Paytia service and we can confirm the tariffs and ensure the right calls are allowed.

If you wish to see Paytia's call rates, please contact Support.

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