When do we pick a telephone number?

When do we pick a telephone number?

How do I choose a secure telephone number?

As part of the account setup process you will be able to pick a telephone number for the country your package was created for.

The country will already be loaded and you can use the area code field to filter the list of available numbers. All numbers for area code start either without the lead zero or you can type the name of the city you want the telephone number for.


In this example we are looking for number from the area code for the city of London in the United Kingdom.


Once you have selected the city or entered the area dialing code you are looking for you can load the list of available numbers by clicking the search button.


If you see a telephone number you want to pick use your mouse to select the number by clicking on the tick box. The chosen number will move to the box on the right hand side of the page. 


If you want to chose a different telephone number you can simply pick another number from the left-hand Choose your secure-payment telephone number box and follow the instructions.

Once you are happy with your telephone number choice you can click the Next button to proceed.